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Changes to Post-Study work visas settings

From today, 7 September 2022, new requirements for Post Study Work Visa come into effect. The changes will cover everyone who has applied for a student visa after 11 May 2022.

Under new settings Post Study Work visa conditions depend on the qualification students gained in New Zealand.

An applicant may be granted only one Post Study Work Visa, and they will need to show they have NZD $5,000 of available funds.

Visa Length

The Post Study Work Visa will continue to be valid for up to three years. But there are changes to the length for applicants who studied the programmes level 8, 7 and below.

To be eligible, degree level 7 and above students must have spent at least 30 weeks studying full-time here. Non-degree level 7 and below students must have completed their full qualification here.

Master’s (level 9) and doctoral degree: students will still be eligible for three-year Post Study Work Visas.

Doctoral degree students will now be eligible for a Post Study Work Visa once they have submitted their thesis for examination. The applicant will need to provide confirmation from their education provider.

Degree level 7 (Bachelor degree) and 8: the length of Post Study Work Visas will match the time spent completing qualifications at degree level 7 and 8. Qualifications can be completed consecutively for a longer work visa.

Non-Degree level 7 (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Diploma) and below: the length of Post Study Work Visas will match the time spent completing a qualification at non-degree level 7 and below. No extra time will be gained by completing qualifications at this level consecutively.

Employment Conditions

Degree level 7 and above: successful applicants will be able to work in any occupation, for any employer, in New Zealand.

Non-degree level 7 and below: successful applicants must work in a role directly relating to their completed qualification.

In addition, non-degree level 7 and below students’ qualification must be on the list of Qualifications Eligible for a Post Study Work Visa.


Partners of students will receive an open work visa if their partner is studying:

  • for any master’s or doctoral degree; or

  • a level 7 or 8 qualification on:

o the Qualifications Eligible for a Post-Study Work Visa list

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